Educational Services

Digital Image FX is dedicated to providing interactive software solutions for educational purposes. Our solutions include:

  • Internet/Intranet Distance Learning
  • Interactive Tutorials and Manuals
  • On-Site Training

By maintaining strategic alliances with academic institutions and industry, we can explore new opportunities together and help expand your capabilities.


Continuing Medical Education

The Medical Society of Nova Scotia site is password protected and accessible through their Intranet. This educational site makes use of the case based approach to learning. A peer review process ensured that the site met the exacting standards of the Society.

It was determined that the target audience would not appreciate having to go to plug-ins, therefore restraint was used in the area of new technologies. As many physicians are not up-to-date on many Internet technologies, we had to make sure the site would be inter-operative with all web browsers.

A "Navigating the Website" section explains the major features of the site in consideration of probable inexperience with the web. A glossary is also provided to explain medical terms that are utilized in various specialties of medicine.

The "Virtual Professor" offers a complete tutorial of all modules. The self-check allows the health care professional to be presented with a question, compare their results with that of an expert and if a variance exists, have an ability to go to the exact area within the "Virtual Professor" where the topic is found in the educational module.

A "check-up" serves as the examination that is encrypted and sent to the University for marking and for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit. Digital could automate this process, however it was the will of the customer not to do so.


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